The Original Muck Boot Company: Homage To The Welly Boot

On the anniversary of the rainiest day in the history of the UK, The Original Muck Boot Company wanted to use this time to celebrate the Wellington boot, a rainy day essential for centuries. On the 5th December 2015, in the north-western county of Cumbria, England, there was recorded that over 34 centimetres of rain fall over the course of 24 hours. What a perfect excuse to celebrate the icon that is the wellington boot.

Named after the First Duke of Wellington the ‘Wellington’ boot was revolutionised with the arrival of vulcanised rubber. Its waterproof capabilities made it a ground-breaking staple product, and a must-have for the rainy British weather.

Muck Boot has taken this staple product and modernised it to make wellies that are centred around the way people work and live today. Founded in 1999, Muck Boot has become a pioneer in creating products that keep feet comfortable and dry in any situation.  A key element which makes The Original Muck Boot Company unique is the use of neoprene in every style. This advanced type of neoprene, provides 100% unbeatable waterproof protection against cold and wet conditions. Muck Boot offer everything that you could ever need from wellingtons, and more!

With ranges suited for men, women and children The Original Muck Boot Company is dedicated to delivering boots and footwear that are 100% Muckproof. Grounded in community, built to protect and made for work and life in the Muck.  

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